Shoelace 6.6

Designed for Daily Life, Tracking, Sports, Etc.
Color Black, White, Grey, Pink
Fabric wire Φ0.89mm
Length 120cm
Tensile strength 120kgf
You can replace all the shoes what you want with comfy dials with strong fabric wires instead of ordinary shoelaces.
Comfy dial can adjust finely, it makes your shoes fit.
Quick and efficient operation is possible, and anyone of any age can use it.
If you change your shoelaces to Comfy dials, it won’t untie.
As a semi-permanent product, it can be detached and reused for washing or used for other shoes.
Available for all types of shoes!
Here are examples for your reference.
Normal hole type

Webbing type

String type

Eyelet type
How to use
Push in to engage
Turn to precision
Fit – Tighten
Pull up for fast release

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